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The 16 Weirdest Moments In British Politics 2015

Including the #EdStone and Polish princes.

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1. That time a 'Polish prince' challenged UKIP leader Nigel Farage to a sword fight in Hyde Park

Jan Zylinski / Via

"I would like us to meet in Hyde Park one morning, with our swords, and resolve this matter in the way an eighteenth century Polish aristocrat and English gentleman would traditionally do. Are you up for it, Mr Farage?"

2. When George Osborne was instructed by body language coaches adopt this strange pose at party conference

Tolga Akmen/LNP

"We are the builders," Osborne announced in his speech to the Tory faithful, affirming his favourite figure from the Village People.

(Theresa May did it too.)

3. Pig-gate

When you're 15 minutes into Peppa Pig and chill and then David Cameron gives you this look

Echoing an episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror TV series, biographers wrote that David Cameron had sexual relations with a dead pig's head whilst an Oxford student.

4. When Ed Miliband thought unveiling a huge 2-ton rock might solve all his electoral woes

"Look at my rock!"

The so-called 'Ed Stone' is rumoured to be hiding in a South London garage – not Downing Street, where the former Labour leader promised to install it.

5. Alex Salmond claiming he had seen 'pictoral evidence' ghosts exist / Via Vine (Jamie Ross)

"There’s a hotel I opened where I saw pictoral evidence which would make anyone think seriously about this issue," Scotland's former First Minister and SNP leader told BuzzFeed News. "I have seen a photo, which I know was not forged or created, that would give anyone serious thought about these things." (He also played a ghost in a Pakistani soap opera in 2001. Genuinely. See above.)

6. Senior parliamentarians discussing pornography in the House of Lords

The Bishop of Chester, self-confessed 'exotic creature'

The debate in November, full of not very enlightened comments from rich, straight, white and unelected old men included the Bishop of Chester asserting: "There's too much ugly, squalid, dirty sex." Another Tory peer talked about the 'internet world'.

Democracy in action.

9. The rather tragic spectacle of a Lib Dem blogger running 'naked' down Whitehall

BBC Daily Politics

Stephen Tall promised to run naked down Whitehall if the Liberal Democrats were reduced to less than 24 MPs. (At least he stood by his promise–Lord Ashdown is still yet to consume any headgear.)

10. Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell expounding his economic paradigm for the 21st century as 'socialism with an iPad'

The idea was received with some scepticism.

11. When Lucy Powell was given the job of shadow education secretary by Jeremy Corbyn... despite, well, never having actually met him before

Corbyn's new Pretend Education Secretary Lucy Powell has now deleted this tweet from less than a month ago. #fb

14. Jeremy revealing his love for manhole covers

5 mins into allotment and chill and he gives you this look / Via PA

"Some of them are quite artistic. I know this sounds a little bit zany," he told Lorraine Kelly on her ITV programme. Just a bit, Jeremy.

15. David Cameron forgetting which football team he 'supported'

The prime minister juggling confused football allegiances / Via ITV

Addressing an audience on the benefits of cultural diversity, the prime minister said: "I’d rather you supported West Ham." But he's supposed to be an Aston Villa 'supporter'. He blamed it on a 'brain fade'.

16. And Joey Essex becoming a premier political commentator during the election

"Liberal Democrats. It's a long word. It's got cats in it." Joey Essex tells Nick Clegg

The TOWIE star interviewed David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, and Nigel Farage during the run up to May 7.

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