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10 Easy Ways To Instantly Up Your Makeup Game

Beauty is pain, but it doesn't have to be.

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1. Start moisturizing... STAT


Yeah, it seems kind of pointless. But just like those weirdly over-happy girls in the commercials, you will be smiling as soon as you started moisturizing... Your face WILL thank you for it.

2. Use primer


You might think primer seems like a bit of a waste, since you can't see it, but you just don't realize what you're missing out on. You'll be amazed by how much better your foundation looks! (it also makes eyeshadow last longer and go on smoother... hint hint).

3. Get your foundation matched to your skin tone


This might seem like a no-brainer, but we've all seen in happen (hell, you may have done it). Time to ditch the drug store, guesstimated foundation and get the real stuff. Besides, going to the mall and getting pampered by the girls at the cosmetics counter is half the fun!

4. Master the cupid's bow


Wearing lipstick takes some practice, and one of the first steps to a flawless lip is the shape. So don't be afraid to experiment, and don't let the natural outline of your lip define the shape! Your natural cupid's bow may be more or less exaggerated than you want, but that doesn't have to be the shape you follow with your lipstick.

5. Maintain your lipstick


Nothing looks more slobbish than smudged lipstick, flaking lipstick, or lipstick that has faded into glorified lipliner. A good part of this is just going to be practice – the more you wear lipstick, the less likely you'll be to smudge it. But there are some basic tips – don't use your lips to pull food off your utensils, drink through a straw, and don't wipe your mouth after a meal. Matte lasts longer than gloss, and high end cosmetics last longer as well (remember, you get what you pay for!).

6. Shape them brows


Figuring out the right eyebrow shape can change the way your entire face looks. If you're not sure what brows are right for you, go and see a cosmetologist – they'll have a better idea of what shape will suit your face. Even just adding a eyebrow pencil to your routine can make a huge difference!

7. Highlight your brow bone


Once you've shaped and filled in your eyebrows a little bit, swiping some eyeshadow that is lighter than your natural skin tone directly under the brow, above any other eyeshadow you're wearing, will make your eyebrows look more defined, and make your whole look seem super polished!

8. Just wear mascara


Mascara all on its own makes your eyes pop, and makes you look less tired. Combined with other makeup, it pulls the whole look together, and makes it look more polished, especially if you are wearing eyeshadow.

9. Master the smokey eye


This is one of the more basic things you can do with eyeshadow, but also one of the best. You really can't go wrong with a good, neutral smokey eye, and it can be adapted for literally any occasion.

10. Brown shadows are your BBF


While bright colours are fun and exciting, for the everyday nothing quite beats brown eyeshadow. Basic, reliable, dependable... everything a girl's best friend should be. Easy to blend and easy to wear, brown eyeshadows will always be there for you.

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