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9 Best PC Games You Should Be Playing In 2017

The Personal Computer (PC) has established a legacy of great video games in last two decades. Now that we are running in the fifth month of 2017, it is the time to look back and view the best video games that have come out for your PC so far. The first few months of the following year have been bountiful releasing the games across every genre. While there is a number of games that have lined up to release this year, here we have tried to compile some games that without a doubt are the best PC games to play in 2017.

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1.Battlefield 1

This game offers a breathtaking and amazing first-person shooter experience, and looks awesome on a good PC. Battlefield 1 is a World War-1 marathon, and comes with a great display of intense battles and unbelievable multi-players for your new battle.

2.Resident Evil 7

It’s a magnificent return to make a new and iconic survival horror series. The best for horror fans, Resident Evil 7 switches the action to a first person perception, and showcases the impure horror and gross-environment that never gives the feel of tangibly real throughout the game. Players will play Ethan who is looking for his missing partner in Louisiana- a rural area. He soon comes across the group of strange creatures who are infected with some kind of fatal virus.

3.Styx: Shards of Darkness

This is a pure stealth games that stars a pessimistic and pledging elf. Styx is a generous experience with a huge number of things to do, some amazingly realized levels and a fantastic flexible skill system that encourages creative thinking and likes to reward the efforts made.

4.Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – A Criminal Past

While the game does not have a brilliant story line, the level itself offers a great fun to puzzle out for some hours. Mankind Divided shows a maximum security prison that gives the stealth action playground for the passionate gamers. The game looks like a 3D film and reveals the prison setting that is radically different from others. It is a well-designed game that will force you come out of your comfort zone. You might want to go for a custom gaming PC for this game but the experience will be awesome.

5.Outlast 2

Released by Red Barrels, the original Outlast claimed a huge success. This time, the developer has presented even more horrifying experience with its Outlast 2 that will hide you away from endless waves of unbelievable horrors. The game puts you in complete darkness with a night vision on your screen for much of the time you spend playing it. You need to be alert as enemies can emerge from anywhere. It is vital to stay hidden as you continue to navigate through The Deep American South to search your partner.

6.Dishonored 2

Developed by Arkane Studios, Dishonored 2 has everything that makes a perfect stealth game. It allows you to choose one of the two main characters: Kaladwin or Corvo Attano, you will play as. When playing Dishonored 2, you will have access to a number of abilities and tools, but how you want to use them is purely up to you. It is also possible that you finish the entire journey without having the need to harm a soul or kill all idiots in sight. Since, what you do will result in moral consequences, you will need to take care of all of your actions in the game.

7.Forza Horizon 3

Though, Forza Horizon 3 was released last year, it is still acknowledged as one of the finest racing games of all the time. The game presents a truly magnificent open-world that stretches across the wide Australian regions. Players will travel through different cities, forests, deserts and beaches before they roll around their final round. Forza Horizon 3 offers a matchless blast in every single moment of the game. This enormous amusement adventure boasts over 350 unique vehicles at launch maximizing the thrill of racing against your buddies.

8.The Witcher 3-Wild Hunt

This game has the flourishing countryside and utmost adventure that will definitely make you spend hours in front of your computer screen. Its main story involves the so-called Wild Hunt and its threatening mission. The Witcher 3-Wild Hunt offers you a definitive version to enjoy which is going to be truly impressive on a good PC. You will get a vast and highly-detailed world, and you will to tackle it in whatever manner you can do so.

9.Titanfall 2

This game is a return of the original multiplayer which is, off course, better than before. You will enjoy the basic practice of shooting your enemies across a gigantic combat zone. Titanfall 2 has an endless variety of weapons that allows you to experiment with in order to see which fits best to your way. Here the single player is Jack Cooper who is a pilot by profession and BT-7274-a advance guard class titan who is always faithful to its pilot whomever they maybe.

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