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8 Biggest And Interesting Construction Projects In Progress

The world is moving at a rapid pace and new projects are constantly being undertaken in every field to keep up with the changes. The same applies to construction. There are some major construction projects under development that are aimed at modernizing the world and ensuring that everything can function seamlessly. Listed below are the seven biggest construction projects that are currently in progress:

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1-Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai

Dubai’s Al Maktoum Airport cannot be compared on the scale of other airports as it extends over 21 square miles. This facility is being constructed to handle approximately 200 wide-body aircrafts at the same time and is scheduled for completion by 2018. The expansion phase of the airport alone has a total cost of about $32 billion.

2-Jubail II, Saudi Arabia

In 2014, the second phase of this 22-year long industry city project was initiated through an expansion of $11 billion. There will be about 100 industrial plants, miles of railways, a desalination plant of about 800 cubic meters, an oil refinery that will produce nearly 350,000 barrels of oil daily and roads and highways when the project reaches its completion. It is expected to finish in the year 2024.

3-International Space Station, Space

Every 92 minutes, the International Space Station circles the earth. A consortium of 5 agencies and 15 countries created the ISS and the currently scheduled construction costs for this projects are in excess of $60 billion. However, the complete cost of the International Space Station along with its contemplated expansions could go even higher than $1 trillion. Nonetheless, by the time it is finished, it will be able to accommodate about one million people.

4-London Crossrail Project

The first underground in the world is continuing to grow and will add 26 miles of tunnels further, which will connect about 40 stations. The estimated costs that will be involved in this construction are $23 billion. As far as the completion of the project is concerned, it will be completely phase by phase. The first one will finish by 2018 whereas the rest are expected to reach completion by 2020.

5-Hualing Tbilisi Sea New City, Georgia

Hualing Group, one of the biggest Chinese corporations, is constructing a macro-planned, all-inclusive international city, north of Georgia’s capital, which was previously undeveloped. The new city is being constructed on the banks of its massive reservoir and will have its own schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and the largest retailing and wholesaling trading center in the Caucasus. Most of all, it will have the typical row upon row Chinese housing. The first half of the project was finished in 2015 and apartments went on sale in 2014. Some interesting details about the project can be found here:

6-Sellafield Nuclear Site, England

This is the primary nuclear-fuel reprocessing factory of the UK and extends over 700 acres. The construction costs of this facility are in excess of $15 billion. Reprocessing of a nuclear fuel called Magnox from nuclear power stations in the UK is one of the major activities performed at the facility. It doesn’t come as a surprise that there are detractors of the site, which include an anti-nuclear research publication called New Scientist. The publication claims that the huge pools of sludge and other hazards are dangerous because they may be explosive, but this is denied by Sellafield’s management.

7-Beijing Airport, China

The Al Maktoum Airport of Dubai will eventually be surpassed by the Beijing International Airport in total square miles, cost, and passenger as well as aircraft capacity. The first phase of the airport had been completed by the time of the Olympiad in 2008, but there is still further expansion required, which is expected to be finished by 2025. Zaha Hadid has designed the Terminal 1 and it comprises of a number of sustainable design concepts that indicate a futuristic building.

8-Dubailand, Dubai

This complex can fit Walt Disney World inside itself three times. The $64 billion Dubailand is about 278 kilometers and is divided into six parts; sports venues, theme parks, health facilities, eco-tourism, hotels and science attractions. It will also include the world’s largest hotel that will have 6,500 rooms and also a 10 million square feet mall. It is expected to be finished by 2025.

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