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26 Disney Movie Mantras & Quotes You Could Live Your Life By

They also make great tattoos.

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1. So true! I went outside once and had just the best time.

Up / Via

2. Woah... I guess I have a really naughty heart.

Cinderella / Via

3. Be patient. Miracles don't have 4G like your cellphones.

Cinderella / Via

4. This is true for more than just snow people.

Frozen / Via

5. I wonder if this one applies to asking Zooey Deschanel for dates on Twitter.

The Little Mermaid / Via

6. If you want to fly, this can also figuratively work without pixie dust.

Peter Pan / Via

7. In modern terms, it basically means to give zero f*cks.

The Lion King / Via

8. Touché Mufasa. Just when you thought Hakuna Matata was the way, dad inspires you to become the boss you were born to be.

The Lion King / Via

9. Even 40 year-old virgins who still live at home are eligible.

The Princess and the Frog / Via

10. Try this everyday and see what happens (you'll probably have a lot of courage and be really kind).

Cinderella / Via

11. Unless you're a psychopath and haven't a conscience.

Pinocchio / Via

12. So much better than, "Keep on truckin'" (especially if you're a swimmer and not a trucker)

Finding Nemo / Via

13. This quote should be on every door.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs / Via

14. Why I always walk on the ceiling.

Pocahontas / Via

15. It took me a while to realize this isn't an incomplete sentence.

Winnie The Pooh / Via

16. For the next time someone criticizes you for laughing at your own jokes.

Mickey Mouse / Via

17. Especially if you're a nose.

Aladdin / Via

18. These people are usually really good in bed too.

Alice In Wonderland / Via

19. Resisting urge to pick apart Thumper's adorable speech pattern...

Bambi / Via

20. This is how I feel about beer (I'm probably misinterpreting this quote).

Dumbo / Via

21. Seriously. Identity theft is a real problem in the US.

The Incredibles / Via

22. Learning sounds a lot easier, especially because I can do it from my couch.

The Lion King / Via

23. Except for that perverted uncle we all have.

Lilo & Stitch / Via

24. This is a great quote if you're into being rare and beautiful.

Mulan / Via

25. Acid flashback?

Peter Pan / Via|blgomd|OMDDecember|FB|Travel-Tangled|InHouse|120313|||esocialmedia|||

26. Unless you're an accountant! Haha! (I think there is a quote up there about laughing at your own jokes)

Winnie The Pooh / Via

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