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10 Apologies Canada Would Like To Make To The Rest Of The World

We say sorry a lot, but these are some of our biggest apologies...

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1. For this rapscallion

Rolling Stone / Via

2. For these demon birds we call Canadian Geese who fly south every winter and wreak havoc

Daily Mail / Via

3. For this guy who is stealing everyone's girlfriends

Huffington Post / Via

4. For being so darn good at hockey

CTV News / Via!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen

5. For this song that is probably now stuck in your head

View this video on YouTube / Via

6. For this guy who probably made you laugh so dang hard that your belly started hurting and maybe your cheeks hurt a little bit too

The New York Post / Via

7. For this amazing food that you're likely missing out on, because you've probably never heard of it and it is mostly only available in Canada (It's called poutine)

Gawker / Via

8. For our current government that isn't very friendly

New Republic / Via

9. For hogging all the fresh water

Wikipedia / Via

10. For being so awesome that our US neighbors pretend to be us by putting Canadian flags on their backpacks when traveling, thereby causing us to inadvertently trick you into thinking you're talking to a Canadian

Huffington Post / Via

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