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    These Simple Kitchen Hacks Will Make Your Groceries Last So Much Longer

    More food = happiness!

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    Don't let any more of your food go to waste! Try these easy preservation tips to get the most out of your groceries.

    Try soaking fresh berries in vinegar and water. This will slow down the molding process and keep from from getting mushy!

    1. Put the berries into a bowl, then add your vinegar and water (1 parts vinegar to 10 parts water).

    2. Mix thoroughly, then drain the berries and let them dry completely.

    3. Store in the fridge

    Try adding an apple to your potatoes. This will keep the potatoes from sprouting!

    Storing potatoes with an apple is supposed to keep them from growing those unseemly sprouts! However, keep apples away from every other type of produce. They produce a gas that will accelerate the ripening process for most other types of produce.

    Wrap cheese in a vinegar-soaked cheesecloth to prevent it from molding!

    1. Sprinkle a cheesecloth (or a thin washcloth made of natural fibers) with vinegar.

    2. Wrap the cheese, and then place it in an airtight container in the fridge to keep it from molding for longer!

    Hang your onions in pantyhose to keep them at their maximum freshness!

    1. Place the onion in a clean pair of pantyhose, and tie a knot above the onion. You can stack more onions, separating each with a knot.

    2. Hang in a cool, dry, dark place. When they are dry, separated, able to breathe, and suspended they should have a maximized shelf life.

    3. When you need an onion, you just cut one off.

    Freezing leftover herbs in olive oil will make for flavorful cooking down the line!

    1. You can preserve herbs by freezing them in olive oil (use a freezer tray and fill them with herbs/olive oil).

    2. When using them to cook, take out a cube of the herb-infused oil and let it serve as the base for cooking your dish.

    NOTE: This works best for harder herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano (softer herbs such as mint, basil, lemon verbena, and dill should not be preserved in this manner).