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    • kyles25

      Marco hasn’t spent a half a second looking at this. He willfully places his own state at risk. Florida’s highest elevation is 345 feet, and the state gets regularly slammed with storms. Starting with National Academies of Sciences, working through nationally and internationally respected academies & associations: Over 3 dozen respected organizations expressly endorse the IPCC. He can not name one single respected organization that has posted a respected view to the contrary in writing. He can not name one. Not a single one. Or canvass all climate scientists one by one at the best of the best global institutions: top-50 ranked earth science schools - Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Oxford, Chicago, Berkeley, MIT, Australian National U., Caltech, UCLA, Yale, etc, etc, etc. The best of the best almost all say we have a serious problem. Marco hasn’t bothered to check. Pretty lazy considering the potential implications. He places so many lives at stake with laziness on this issue…What a shame.

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