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    This Twitter User Turned "Schitt's Creek" Into Other Popular TV Shows

    Succession... but make it Schitt's Creek.

    What would happen if Schitt's Creek became The Golden Girls?

    Schitt's Creek, but make it the Golden Girls

    Twitter user and Schitt's Creek social producer @calumshanlin has been remixing popular and classic TV shows by putting a Schitt's spin on it.

    Schitt's Creek, but make it Law & Order

    Here's what it looks like if Schitt's Creek became Arrested Development.

    Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and their father who had no choice but to keep them all together... it's Schitt's Creek

    Or if Schitt's Creek took place in Stars Hollow.

    Schitt's Creek, but make it Gilmore Girls

    And this is How I Met Your Mother.

    The Rose Video empire meets Succession.

    do you ever wonder if david or alexis would have taken over the rose video empire?

    Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. It's Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    Schitt's Creek, but make it Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    And 30 Rock.

    Of course, we've got The Office.

    Schitt's Creek, but make it the Office

    And Friends!

    And rounding out the bunch... Parks and Recreation.

    Schitt's Creek, but make it Parks and Rec

    Well done.