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    Justin Bieber's New Line Of Timbits Couldn't Be Anymore Canadian If It Tried

    I regret to inform you, I will never utter the word "Timbiebs".

    You know Justin Bieber – singer, style icon (?) and proud Canadian.

    Justin Bieber standing in front of a step and repeat in a grey sweater and floppy hat.

    And you've probably heard of Tim Hortons – the iconic Canadian coffee brand.

    A photo of a Tim Hortons sign against a blue sky with power lines near by.

    Well now the two are collaborating with a new line of Timbits called "Timbiebs".

    A photo of Justin Bieber holding a timbit up to his eye with a box of Timbits in front of him.

    Because, of course they are.

    The line will feature three new flavours – Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake Waffle.

    A box of "Timbiebs" on a table with the three new flavours near by on a red napkin.

    The brand is also working on a line of merch with the Biebs.

    The acting in the TV commercial is... *chefs kiss*.

    View this video on YouTube

    But the French TV commercial is where his acting skills really shine.

    View this video on YouTube

    Tell me you don't know how to speak French, without telling me you don't know how to speak French.

    Of course the jokes started flooding in:

    So let me get this right….North America will be able to stuff their mouths with @justinbieber #timbits #2_to_a_bag ….Anyone else find the weird? #Timbiebs #lol

    Twitter: @thekoolkulture

    Timbiebs have little white chocolate neck tattoos.

    Twitter: @patthornton

    #Timbiebs For the first time, Justin has some balls

    Twitter: @RamerJTO

    nah I ain’t pulling up to order timmys and asking for a 10 pack of timbiebs 😭

    Twitter: @redsn0w77

    This is incredibly Canadian…but also terrible. And yet, I’ll probably buy them.

    Twitter: @adamundefined

    @TimHortons here’s an idea, what if we get a free pack of hockey cards when we order 20 TimBiebs.

    Twitter: @Bten_Music

    The collab will launch on November 29th in Canadian and US stores.

    Justin Bieber holding up a Timbiebs to his eye while holding a box of Timbiebs