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I've Rounded Up The Best Places To Stay In Hong Kong, From The Most Luxurious To The Most Affordable

Because life is all about balance.

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The most important questions before any trip: how am I getting there, and where am I staying? Lucky for you, I've rounded up some of the best places to stay in and around the Hong Kong area for your next trip to Asia!

Two trams pass each other on a city street with pedestrians and cars, highlighting urban public transport

I have two recommendations for each area. One is a bit more luxurious, while the other is a bit more affordable — but still a great place to stay. Without further ado:

West Kowloon/Mong Kok

Illuminated street signs at night in a bustling city with pedestrians and cars

1. Luxury: The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

2. Affordable: Hilton Garden Inn Hong Kong Mongkok

Tsim Sha Tsui

People on a boat viewing a city skyline at night, with illuminated buildings

3. Luxury: The Peninsula Hong Kong

4. Affordable: Royal Pacific Hotel


People dining at outdoor tables in a bustling street market

5. Luxury: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

6. Affordable: Harbour Grand Hong Kong

Causeway Bay

Busy street corner with blurred pedestrians and shop signs, capturing the lively atmosphere of urban travel

7. Luxury: Lanson Place Causeway Bay

8. Affordable: Tuve

Eastern District

Vendor arranging various tofu types at a traditional market stall

9. Luxury: EAST Hong Kong

10. Affordable: Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel

Southern District

Entrance of Ocean Park with a whimsical archway and animal statue fountain

11. Luxury: The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong

12. Affordable: Nina Hotel Island South

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