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These Are Examples Of Social Distancing That Are All Wrong

Class is in session, Canada.

1. This is NOT social distancing.

CTV / Via

2. Neither is this.

World Rugby Canada / Via

This? Approved. For the time being.


3. Ew, Alexis.

CBC / Via

4. This? 100% no.

W Network / Via

This one? Encouraged.

Robert E Blackmon / Via

5. Drake has the wrong idea here.

MTV / Via

6. And here.

Rihanna / Via

7. Please, just ignore him.


8. And I mean, this is just a bad idea on so many levels.


9. The Simpsons are not welcome... right now.

Fox / Via

10. And I'm sure the maple syrup is delicious and all, but do it on your own time.

CBC / Via

11. As fun as this might look – it's a big nope.

Global TV / Via

12. And let's just save the dinner parties till we're out of this mess.

CBC / Via

I'm going back to bed. Goodnight.

Global / Via

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