Canadians Are Revealing Which Foods Americans Should Try When They Visit Canada And I Agree With At Least 50% Of Them

    Some of these are pretty obvious, and the others are kind of eye opening.

    To some Americans, the extent of Canadian food and snack knowledge is limited to our beloved coffee chain Tim Hortons. So recently redditor u/RGV_KJ asked, "What are some amazing Canadian foods I need to get back to [the] USA?" Here's what people said:

    1. "If you drink, get some Clamato so you can make Caesars at home! Like a Bloody Mary but sooooo much better!"


    Caesar cocktail garnished with celery, lime, and a cherry tomato, served on a wooden surface

    2. "If you can get ahold of em, Nanaimo bars."

    – u/idklol8

    3. "Just bring back a regular Coke so you can realize how shit the pop/soda/Coke is in the US."

    – u/CheeseWheels38

    4. "Quebec has outstanding craft beer. Start with Dieu du Ciel!"

    – u/calling_water

    5. "If you're actually in Quebec, get a damn poutine. I’m from the West Coast. I’ve never had a Montreal poutine… get one. Let me know what it’s like."

    "Go to a casse-croûte, smaller diner/roadside stand type places. As a Montrealer, the bigger the restaurant, the worse the poutine, you really need one with big greasy fries."

    – u/morgauna234

    6. "Do me a favour? Buy an American Kit Kat and cross the border with it. Buy a Canadian Kit Kat and test 'em both. You will wonder why American Kit Kat is so much worse."

    – u/followsfood

    KitKat chocolate bar packaging with logo and a glimpse of the chocolate wafers inside

    7. "There are a lot of things flavoured with maple syrup or brown sugar that are originally from Quebecois cuisine. Desserts: Tire d’érable/maple taffy, grandpères (dough balls cooked in a maple syrup mixture), tarte au sucre (sugar pie made with brown sugar), sucre à la crème (traditionally cream fudge made with brown sugar but also common to add a little maple syrup for flavour.)"

    – u/severe0CDsuburbgirl

    8. "Get yourself a Coffee Crisp. Get several, you'll want that. We have different flavours too."

    – u/Just_dirty_secrets

    9. "Milk is better is Canada, but dairy products (cheese, yogurt, ice cream) are better in the States."

    – u/NimrodVWorkman

    10. "Lay's Ketchup Chips. Specifically Lays."

    – u/Friendly_Sand9726

    11. "I prefer Kraft PB. In the USA, Skippy is close but Kraft tastes better IMHO."

    – u/Redditujer

    12. "Back bacon aka Canadian Bacon. You can take it over the border as long as it’s in a store package (as oppose to Butcher shop paper, they want to be able to trace where it came from). I did ask going into the US one time. America has ham disguised as Canadian bacon."

    – u/mindequalblown

    13. "Smarties. Like M&Ms but better. My US colleagues always pick some up when they visit."

    – u/Harbinger2001

    A close-up view of various colorful chocolate candies with candy shells

    14. "It's not fancy, but I love Habitant pea soup."


    15. "Hawkins Cheezies."

    – power2charm

    "That Hawkins only makes the one product, Cheezies, and that they've been going strong since 1949, is a testament to just how good Cheezies really are."

    – u/CCDestroyer

    Person holding a bag of Hawkins Cheezies; another individual partially visible

    16. "If you have access to Costco in Canada, pick up a bag of Dunn's Famous BBQ chips (they are a BBQ place from Montreal). The taste of these BBQ chips are dialed in perfectly, not too salty like Lay's and is on the sweeter side. I'm willing to bet these are the best BBQ chips you will ever taste."

    – u/RonTRobot

    17. And finally, "IMO Montreal bagels are perfect toasted with butter to complement the sweeter dough, but i'm sure it's good with other things like cream cheese as well."

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