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    People Are Sharing The Devastating Effects Of The British Columbia Flooding

    While the situation is heartbreaking, Canadians are coming together to support one another.

    B.C. has declared a state of emergency after record-breaking rainfall caused flooding and mudslides across the southern end of the province, forcing thousands to evacuate.

    a photo of a man pulling a cow with a rope through a flooded street

    Flood waters are starting to recede, but the cleanup will be monumental. Here are some of the shocking photos and videos people have shared that show the impact:


    Castle Fun Park’s mini golf attraction is pictured submerged in floodwaters in Abbotsford, B.C., on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. (Ben Nelms/ @cbcnewsbc) #BCFlood #Abbotsford #BCStorm

    Twitter: @Ben_Nelms


    Saw incredible grit in Abbotsford today, as farmers and community members rallied to rescue dozens of cattle stranded by #bcflood with boats, dinghies, a jet ski and even a hover craft. Heard these scenes were playing out across the valley. Photographed for @reuterspictures:

    Twitter: @jwints


    Twitter: @BargeBay


    Views from the doorbell cam after evacuating - safe at a friends on high ground. #MerrittBC #BCFlood #bcstorm

    Twitter: @BCHLJThomas


    ‘The sound of the giant boulders rolling along the creek are insane.’ This video sent to me from a friend living along Silver-Hope creek in #HopeBC. Her road is closed, culverts upstream are over flowing. Steer clear of fast-moving water! #BCStorm #BCFlood #AtmosphericRiver

    Twitter: @AMacOnAir


    My partners mom flew from Abbotsford to Ontario today, and this aerial view of the flooding is beyond comprehension. #BCFlood #Abbotsford

    Twitter: @DesRochersJake


    Scenes from a major flooding event in the Fraser Valley near Abbotsford, B.C this morning on Monday, November 15, 2021. (Ben Nelms/@cbcnewsbc) #bcstorm #Flood #flooding #Abbotsford

    Twitter: @Ben_Nelms




    Twitter: @AmigoJor


    This #Malahat #BCflood video is truly incredible… it was sent to me by a @CHEK_News viewer. I’ve never seen the highway like this. It looks like a river. #BCStorm #flooding #yyj #yyjtraffic #weather @CHEK_media @StacyRoss_chek @JoePerkinsCHEK @EmconSouthVI @DriveBC #BCHwy1

    Twitter: @tessvanstraaten


    "Pictures from the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure shows the extent of damage to the #Coquihalla Highway between #Hope and #Merritt." #BCFlood #BCStorm #RedCrossCanada

    Twitter: @JuriAksenov

    And while these images are heartbreaking, we can always count on people looking for ways to help each other out:

    Like these brothers who started handing out dinner.

    And these guys who helped save live stock.

    Spent the day with wonderful family and heroic friends rescuing our 100 young stock. Milk cows and baby calves left yest. Fed chickens and cats. Our awesome neighbour driving JD had to guess at roads and driveways to deliver to waiting trailers down the road. #BCFlood

    Twitter: @richard__bosma

    These two girls were reunited with their parents.

    A special moment today captured by a bystander in Mission. 2 little girls being reunited with their parents. Thank you all the guides who volunteered their time, fuel and expertise to get people out safely. #bcflood

    Twitter: @GuidesAssoc

    This group hit the kitchens to help flood victims.

    Surrey Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib and @khalsaaidca are working together to help the flood victims. #BCFlood #BCStorm

    Twitter: @RaSandhuz

    And this pilot who helped get people home safely.

    A rewarding day as a pilot. We operated 15-20 flights to Harrison Lake today to assist stranded travellers to get home safely. Some harrowing stories of their past 48 hours. Was a pleasure to assist them getting home safe. @HarbourAirLtd #BCFlood #HarrisonHotSprings

    Twitter: @darrenbatstone

    Stay safe, B.C.!