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    This Is What Happened When A Canadian And An Australian Compared Aspects Of Their Culture

    "Do people ever refer to you as just Americans?"

    Recently our good friends at BuzzFeed Australia asked us some very serious questions about Canada. Here's what we had to say:

    1. What’s with you people and maple syrup?

    2. Can you seriously just tap into any tree and start to glug, glug, glug?

    3. Does half the country really speak French?

    4. And do you feel out of place if you can’t?

    5. Explain the Mounties to me, what’s that about? Do they really have to wear those uniforms?

    6. Do people ever refer to you as just Americans?

    7. And while we’re on the topic, are you embarrassed to share a border with the US?

    8. Do all your people play ice hockey? Like, is that a prerequisite to citizenship?

    9. Are the winters really so unbearable?

    10. Are beavers to Canadians what kangaroos are to Australians?

    11. And speaking of, WTF is a beaver tail? Why do you eat them?

    12. Tell me about Bieber — are you proud to claim him as Canadian?

    A photo of Justin Bieber in between two RCMP officers on a red carpet.

    13. Is plaid (or “flannel” as Aussies would say) really a staple in everyone’s wardrobes?

    A photo of a man posing in a plaid sweater.

    14. Do you really say ‘eh’ every second word?

    15. What’s with Canadian bacon? Is that just bacon covered in syrup?

    16. Finally, every Canadian I’ve ever met has been so damn polite. Is everyone like that?

    A photo of a man staring out a window eating a bag of ketchup chips. The caption says "Canada watching U.S. news"

    17. Are you just a nation of well-mannered sweethearts?

    So, what do you guys think? Do you disagree or agree with our answers? Let us know in the comments below.