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16 Fun Quizzes For Canadians Across The Country

Let's celebrate us, eh?

1. This Random Knowledge Quiz On Canada Will Stump You By Level 25

2. 13 States Border Canada And I'll Be Impressed If You Can Match 8 Of Them To The Provinces Or Territories

3. This Grade 3 French Quiz Is So Hard You Might Fail

4. Can You Name The Canadian TV Show By These Random Screen Grabs?

5. Which Canadian Singer Would Be Your Best Friend?

6. We'll Guess Which Province You're From Based On Some Random Questions

7. Can You Tell If These Things Are Older Than Canada?

8. Can You Guess If These Celebrities Are Canadian Or Not?

9. Create A Party Playlist And We'll Tell You Which Canadian City You Should Visit

10. If You Get Less Than 10/14 On This Quiz, You're Probably An American

11. What Is The Capital Of Canada? It's Ottawa

12. Who's Worse: The Canada Goose Or These Controversial Canadians?

13. Is This A Dirty Phrase Or A Real Place In Canada?

14. How Many Of These National Parks In Canada Have You Visited?

15. Guess How Much These Food Items Cost In Northern Canada

16. There's No Way A Non-Canadian Will Be Able To Pass This Quiz