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14 Funny Tweets From Canada That Are Making Me Howl

"Pizza Pizza is still in business because of their creamy garlic"


my boyfriend trying to be supportive


Pizza Pizza is still in business because of their creamy garlic


A hearty congratulations to Wasaga Beach for always being the Florida of Ontario.


this is the tinder profile of every man in toronto


so Tim hortons is under investigation by agencies for breaching privacy. mfs went from surving us double double to double crossing us.


Vancouver ppl be like “I know a spot” then move to Montreal


If @canadasdragrace doesn’t do a Degrassi runway challenge, I am suing everyone. Think about the queens tryna re-create Manny’s iconic thong look!!! We need that!!!!


Mary Browns just gave me extra chicken for being polite at the drivethough, so i think by Canadian law I now am King.



me, seconds before replying "k" to a someone's lengthy text message


it sucks that when I wear my covid mask in Canada people aren’t able to recognize me from MuchMusic’s Video on Trial


writing fan fiction about meeting a group of 8 friends indoors and feeling safe :)


Not a good time to brag about myself but the old Greek men in my parents neighborhood really like me. I can’t walk 2 houses without getting told “I like a woman who eats”. It’s the most attention I’ve had in months and I love it.


Did you hear Vanna White and her husband renewed their vowels? I'M SO DEEPLY SORRY.

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