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    12 Canadian Ways To Get Out Of Your House Without Actually Doing It

    The futures made of virtual insanity now.

    We've all been cooped up in our homes for more than 2 weeks... and I bet you're probably going a bit stir crazy.

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    So it's time to take a break and take a trip across Canada with some of the best virtual offerings this country has to offer!

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    1. If you're craving thrills, Canada's Wonderland is offering up free virtual rides of some if its coasters.

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    Hop on Psyclone, Timberwolf Falls, or even Vortex.

    2. Take a tour inside a prison.

    3. Become an art snob in Vancouver.

    4. Or take a tour of Vancouver's beauty waterfront.

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    5. Learn about what climate change is doing to polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba on Google Street View.

    6. Take a tour of Drake's new Bridle Path mansion.

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    Ever wondered what Drake's new mansion in North Toronto looks like? Now you don't need to camp outside his gate! He's giving us a look inside the palatial palace in his new music video "Toosie Slide".

    7. Or what about a tour of Parliament Hill?

    8. Listen to some lovely music.

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    The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra got together and put on this little ditty that will instantly relax you. It's like being in a large concert hall... except not.

    9. Take in your first (or hundredth) Cirque De Soleil performance.

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    Cirque du Soleil is giving you a free show in the comfort of your living room with a special 60 minute performance featuring flips, tricks and FIRE!

    10. Watch the Aurora Borealis live!

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    Every night you can check out the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights live from Churchill, Manitoba. It's best to check it out in the winter, but regardless you'll be in awe.

    11. Check out a play at the Stratford Festival.

    12. Sip some wine, eat some cheese and take a trip to Paris.

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    Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat, but our friends at Bring Me! made this video featuring the city of lights in all its glory. Je t'aime!

    That's it folks!

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