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    11 Thoughts We Had After Trying Vegan Canadian Fast Food

    "As a vegan, I'm very impressed"

    Recently, we tried Canada's wide range of vegan fast food items.

    How did everything stack up? Let's see...

    First, there was Pizza Pizza's cauliflower crust pizza.

    1. We thought the use of non-dairy cheese was... interesting.

    2. I mean, we didn't hate it.

    3. But does a vegan pizza a day really keep the doctor away?

    4. Our jury's still out.

    Next we tried Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich.

    5. Right away, we felt it was lacking something. Cheese?

    6. Or... mayonnaise?

    7. Condiments of any kind, really.

    Finally, we tried A&W's Beyond Meat burger.

    8. Vegans LOVED it.

    9. They gave it top scores.

    10. We appreciated the food karma, anyway.

    11. And we may have even converted a couple of non-vegans in the process.