If George R.R. Martin Wrote For Disney

The Seven Disney Kingdoms are at war. See how your favorite Disney characters fare when George R.R. Martin takes over the writing.

1. Prince Simba’s plan to avenge his father is thwarted by a strategic alliance between Lord Scar & Timon. Simba does not make it to Pride Rock.

2. The Jungle Bastard Mowgli is sent away by his wolfpack to serve the outer realm of King Louie’s kingdom.

3. King Louie, also known as the Mad King (because of his obsession with fire and burning his subjects) sits on the Disney throne.

4. And the hand of the king.

5. After losing his daughter to Prince Eric, King Triton turns to the sea witch to destroy the Prince and conquer the Seven Disney Kingdoms.

6. To prevent an alliance between the prince & Snow White, the queen arranges Snow White to wed Grumpy, who is promised Lordship for his efforts.

7. Out of money and a castle, The Beast tries to ransom Belle to the highest bidder.

8. Captured in his attempt to rise to power, Aladdin is imprisoned and tortured in the dungeons of Agrabah.

9. ….And this guy too.

10. While the Seven Disney Kingdoms wage war, Hades raises the dead in a plot to destroy the mortal world.

11. And who can forget the Mother Of Disney Dragons. (An Original Movie)

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