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20 Times People On Twitter Told Sallie Mae How They Really Felt

Most college students can't pay for school themselves so they turn to the help of Sallie Mae for loans. However, according to Twitter, most of those students probably wish their relationship with Sallie Mae ended before it started.

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1. When the only thing to do is cry

I be thinkin' bout how much I owe Sallie Mae for this Bachelor's like

2. When You Realize The Rap Game Needs To Come After Someone Else

@drake needs to write a diss track to Sallie Mae. She's the real problem

3. This Relationship Is Quite Different

I usually enjoy it when a woman shows me affection, but Sallie Mae just goes about it the wrong way.

4. No, this is Patrick...

“Hello. Sallie Mae calling. Is this Juan Escalante?” “………No, this is Patrick.”

5. When Sallie Mae Causes You To Go Super Saiyan

the worst part about being a college student is the Dragonball Z battle w/ Sallie Mae & the financial aid office 😩😒

6. The Aggression Towards Sallie Mae Is Real

Also, hey Sallie Mae/Navient ...

7. When You Know Exactly What You're Looking For In A Significant Other

Don't flirt with me unless you buying me steaks or taking care of sallie Mae for me

8. Knowing Exactly Where The Rest Of Your Money Is Going

Bet it on black and pray I quadruple my salary, if I win maybe then I could pay Sallie Mae

9. The Real Dreams That You Wish Would Come True

I literally have fantasies about paying off sallie mae.

10. When You Know Who's Actually In Charge

When the automatic withdraw comes out of my bank account every month, Sallie Mae is all like

11. Sallie Mae Knows Where You're Hiding

Varys is like Sallie Mae. He will find you! #GameofThrones #GameofThronesFinale

12. True Life: My Bank Account

When Sallie Mae calls saying my payment is late

13. You'll Do Anything To Get Rid Of Your Debt

Hey @SallieMae if I legally change my last name to SallieMaesDebtSlave will my student loans be forgiven? Just curious

14. DJ Khaled Knows The Deal

When you're not ready for your next loan payment but Sallie Mae says #blavityafterdark

15. Pass The Drink

Sallie Mae drinking game: for every grand you take out... Take a shot.... And cry... And drink a bottle of wine #collegestruggles #loans

16. The Calls Just Keep Coming

17. Having The Perfect Halloween Costume

Dressing as Sallie Mae this Halloween so I can scare everyone and maybe even make a few cry!! #studentloans

18. There's No Turning Back

Your Sallie Mae loan agreement be like "If you're reading this it's too late."

19. Looking towards the future...

When I'm done playing sallie mae in 2025 life will be so much fun

20. But Finally Feeling Like A Boss When You Make It Rain

Me @ the Sallie Mae office after I win the Powerball...

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