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  • UC DAVIS - Early Signs of the Coming NEW America - Who Are the Real TERRORISTS?

    Couple weeks back I saw this footage on the local news and was ashamed to be an American.. Is this how POLICE and GOVERNMENT wanna silence anyone with THOUGHTS or wanna fight (non violently) for a cause? Yet they don’t pepper spray WESTBORO BAPTIST do they? Before we know it we will no longer be allowed to ask questions or have free thought.. Welcome to the New America (NWO?) In a few more years we will be the new NAZI GERMANY!!!

  • Cops Using Excessive Force On Protesters @ Occupy Wall Street - Yet They Never Touch Westboro Baptists Cause It is “their Right” to Protest? WTF?!

    All I have been seeing on the news lately is the police shooting,tear gassing, and just beating down these people that are protesting against corporate greed (a noble cause) yet they never lift a finger to stop The Westboro Baptist cult when they protest a dead soldiers funeral and hold signs saying “God hate gays” or “America supports fags” and I have even seen them BURN A FLAG (i thought this was a crime in itself) more than once.. YET THEY ARE PROTECTED by their “constitutional rights” to PROTEST!!! WTF is wrong with this country!?

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