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    Do This Beginner's Yoga Flow To Get Strong And Focused

    Your body will love you for this.

    A Beginner Yoga Routine To Build Strength And Flexibility

    To begin, bring your hands to your heart's center.

    Next, inhale and raise your hands towards the ceiling for mountain pose.

    Then, exhale and bring your palms towards the floor for forward fold.

    Keep that momentum high while inhaling and bringing your fingertips to your shins for halfway lift pose.

    Exhale and come back to forward fold.

    Then, step back into plank pose, bring your knees to the floor, and lower down into a half push-up.

    Next, bring your hips towards the sky and move into downward dog pose.

    Finish your flow by stepping towards your hands, standing upright, and bringing your hands back to your heart center.

    Repeat 3-5 times to clear your mind. Feeling strong?