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Parks And Recreation Character Token Posters

This list includes 10 of the main characters from Parks And Recreation, one of the funniest comedies in recent history if I may say so. Each character is assigned with three tokens, of which I feel encapsulate's each person fairly well. If you think I totally missed it or you think they deserve a different token, please feel free to speak your mind! #TreatYoSelf

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2. Chris Traeger

Kyle Dodel

Chris Traeger was my favorite character from Parks And Rec because we're really similar and it scares me. Chris loves to run, be positive and take every supplement on this green Earth so that he can LITERALLY be in the best shape of his life each and every day, and perhaps run to the moon.

5. Donna Meagle

Kyle Dodel

Prior to this, I didn't really know Donna's last name. The three things I DO know about Donna though are that she likes to 1.) Treat her self 2.) File her nails 3.) Eat cereal

7. Ann Perkins

Kyle Dodel

Perkins is a Chameleon, she always takes on the personality of her current boyfriend. Above everything else, Ann is a nurse who enjoys her work. Lastly, Ann is often seen with a drink in her hand at awkward mixers and dates.

8. Tom Haverford

Kyle Dodel

One of my other favorite characters on this show. Tom loves looking good, staying fresh, spending money on nice clothes and treating himself from time-to-time as well. #ThingsLastForever

9. Jerry, Larry, Terry (Garry) Gergich

Kyle Dodel

One of the most optimistic men on the planet, Garry has an incredibly attractive wife and great family. Sadly, he's best known for having a pie tossed into his face, and no one truly knowing what his name is for most of the series.

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