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15 Underrated Rush Songs

Rush is arguably the most musically capable, technical and proficient band of all time. You may know them by what they play on the radio but it's what they don't play that will capture your imagination.

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1. The Necromancer


This song is off of their third studio album, Caress Of Steel. This is when they dove head first into progressive rock. The song has several motions through it's 11-minute runtime of hard rocking to melodic playing. A treat for the ears!

2. The Fountain Of Lamneth


Also from 1975's Caress Of Steel, this is the band's first 20-minute long epic that takes up the entire second side of the record. The song is a combination of 6 pieces that are woven together to tell a story. However, this was not what the record company wanted and it almost cost them their career. Has never been played live.

3. The Analog Kid


This song is from their Signals album released in 1982. This song has one of the most complex and incredible bass lines/guitar riffs right to start the song. It keeps going with that same power the whole way through. Often overshadowed by Subdivisions which is on the same album.

4. Open Secrets


Off of an underrated album, 1987's Hold Your Fire. This song opens with some of Geddy Lee's best work on the bass. It has a great overall feel and makes you wonder why radio stations always pick Tom Sawyer and overlook this. Has never been played live.

5. Cold Fire


From 1993's Counterparts album, this song is the second to last song on the album but it is worth the wait. It is a song about the complexities of love. It draws a distinct line between fantasy and reality in a couple's love life.

6. Before & After


From their debut album in 1974, this song feature's Rush's original drummer, John Rutsey. It opens with very beautiful guitar playing and restrained drums & bass. Then it moves into a hard rocking tune with incredible drum fills. Has never been played live.

7. Nocturne


From their 2002 comeback album, Vapor Trails. This is a great song about how we can get lost in our dreams. It feels like the perfect combination of classic Rush and modern hard rock. Has never been played live.

8. The Anarchist


From their most recent album, 2012's Clockwork Angels. This song opens with a great drum beat, then a solid guitar riff and finally an incredible driving bass line. The band jams for about a whole minute bringing everything to the table. Truly one of their best works.

9. The Way The Wind Blows


This song is from Snakes & Arrows which was released in 2007. It has an important message about the deadly combination of religion and war that is relevant to today. It makes a connection between now and the dark ages when wars were fought between religions.

10. Emotion Detector


From 1985's Power Windows album, this song is a beautiful and uplifting song that is very often overlooked. It talks about the complexities of emotion and the insecurities we have in all of us. Has never been played live.

11. The Enemy Within


From 1984's Grace Under Pressure, this song opens with a crash of the three members playing and moves into a bass driven rocker. The synths come in at the end of the chorus and create an amazing atmospheric sound. This song is part I of "Fear."

12. Bravado


From 1991's Roll The Bones, This song moves at a slower, grooving pace than usual but builds an emotional tension. It talks about winning the victory at a great cost that almost makes you feel like you have lost. "We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost."

13. Witch Hunt


This song suffers from being on their most commercially and critically successful album, 1981's Moving Pictures. Every song on that album is flawless, but people often cite this as the least best on the record. This song has a timeless message about the dangers of combining ignorance and prejudice. It would be considered one of the best songs if it were placed on any other album. This song is part III of "Fear."

15. Mission

The last song on this list is another one from Hold Your Fire. This song talks about the desire of people to live a rich and famous lifestyle. It says that if they knew what it was actually like to live that kind of lifestyle, they would pick their plain life over it. This is one of their best songs they have ever written and definitely needs more attention.

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