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11 Ways To Get Used To Your New Home After A Big Move

Even when it might seem like you don't, you've got this!

1. Fill up your space with personal touches.

2. Video-chat with family and friends so they can get acquainted with your space, too.

3. Establish an aesthetic you like, and bring it to your new living environment.

4. Talk to other people who've made a big move.

5. Go for walks.

6. Do work at local coffee shops or parks rather than in your living space.

7. Allow yourself to be OK with the fact that you might feel overwhelmed or out of place initially.

8. Check out some social events you might be interested in around the area.

9. Say "yes" to lots of invites in the beginning, if you feel comfortable doing so.

10. Find a therapist.

11. Give yourself credit.