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Updated on Jun 19, 2019. Posted on Jun 3, 2019

11 Ways To Get Used To Your New Home After A Big Move

Even when it might seem like you don't, you've got this!

1. Fill up your space with personal touches.

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Photos with loved ones, personal artwork, things that scream "you" — all fab options here.

2. Video-chat with family and friends so they can get acquainted with your space, too.

Annapurna Pictures/ GIPHY / Via

Embrace those design-choice compliments with open arms, sweetie!

3. Establish an aesthetic you like, and bring it to your new living environment.

Slice/ GIPHY / Via

One way to love your new space is to fill it with things you love.

4. Talk to other people who've made a big move.

Comedy Central/ GIPHY / Via

They've been there, they get it, and they know how far a little empathy can go.

5. Go for walks.

Logo/ GIPHY / Via

It's a great way to both clear your head and get the lay of the land.

6. Do work at local coffee shops or parks rather than in your living space.

Comedy Central/ GIPHY / Via

Exposure: the best way to find your new favorite spot!

7. Allow yourself to be OK with the fact that you might feel overwhelmed or out of place initially.

Bravo/ GIPHY / Via

It's all right to not feel like everything is going as swimmingly as you'd love it to. This is all part of a process, and it's important to be honest about how you're feeling.

8. Check out some social events you might be interested in around the area.

Showtime/ GIPHY / Via

Thanks to the internet, there's basically a group out there for any sort of interest or personality. Resources such as this might help get you initiated.

9. Say "yes" to lots of invites in the beginning, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Crave/ GIPHY / Via

If you're feeling up for it, scope out different events with different people. It can be a great way to make new friends and discover local haunts.

10. Find a therapist.

Logo/ GIPHY / Via

It's......very essential to have an objective voice of reason during any sort of transitional period (and also always!). Seeking professional guidance is a formidable way to position yourself for success in your new environment.

11. Give yourself credit.

Vh1/ GIPHY / Via

A move is a big deal! You're likely experiencing a lot of new things at once, and that's not easy. In good times and trying ones, remember your strength.

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