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23 Of The Most Underrated Pop Songs From 2016

Wake up and smell the perfect pop music, people!

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4. Maggie Rogers, "Dog Years"

Capitol Records / Via

You're likely already familiar with Maggie's first single, "Alaska," and the Cry Heard 'Round The World it elicited from superstar Pharrell Williams. What you might have missed, however, is the singer's wistful, demure follow-up that shines just as bright.


5. Tinashe, "Superlove"

RCA Records / Via

In the shimmering "Superlove," entirely underrated pop princess Tinashe delivers what is easily one of the best and — you guessed it! — most underrated pop songs of the entire year.


14. Wrabel, "11 Blocks"

Island Records

Singer Wrabel brings not only solidly fantastic vocals to this mid-tempo pop ballad, but also a heavy dose of heart-wrenching lyrics you might commiserate with a little too much.


18. Rationale, "Something For Nothing"

Best Laid Plans Records

With a voice this distinct, the British singer could belt out all 34,000 of Donald Trump's cacophonous tweets and it'd sound artistic. Fortunately for us, "Something For Nothing" is anything but — it's a gorgeous, bittersweet number that'll leave you Googling his entire discography.

20. The Veronicas, "On Your Side"

Sony Music

Sure, we'll always love The Veronicas for their early, angsty hits. But with "On Your Side," the sisters deliver an entirely grown-up, refined sound that's as authentic as it is a genuinely well-crafted pop song.