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23 Of The Most Underrated Pop Songs From 2016

Wake up and smell the perfect pop music, people!

1. Léon, "Think About You"

Columbia Records

The Swedish-born singer's most recent single — a follow-up to a fantastic string of songs that comprised her debut EP — is a sparkly, soulful tune.

2. Betty Who, "Human Touch"

RCA Records

Betty may be best known for her bubbly debut single "Somebody Loves You," but her sensual, dance floor-ready "Human Touch" proves she's much more than just a one-hit wonder.

3. JONES, "Melt"

37 Adventures

Recalling the delicate pop styles of artists like Jessie Ware and Jetta, JONES' warm single "Melt" is a smooth, sonic daydream of song.

4. Maggie Rogers, "Dog Years"

Capitol Records / Via

You're likely already familiar with Maggie's first single, "Alaska," and the Cry Heard 'Round The World it elicited from superstar Pharrell Williams. What you might have missed, however, is the singer's wistful, demure follow-up that shines just as bright.

5. Tinashe, "Superlove"

RCA Records / Via

In the shimmering "Superlove," entirely underrated pop princess Tinashe delivers what is easily one of the best and — you guessed it! — most underrated pop songs of the entire year.

6. TOTEM & Aalias, "Bubblegum"


"Bubblegum" is as sweet as it sounds: It's brimming with blithe synths, a catchy-as-hell hook, and wonderfully biting lyrics.

7. St. Lucia, "Love Somebody"

Neon Gold Records

St. Lucia's retro-inspired slow-burner is an '80s pop fantasy come to fruition.

8. Allie X, "That's So Us"

BB Gun Press

With cheeky nods to air guitar duets and Space Odyssey movie nights, Allie X's delightful "That's So Us" really might just be so you.

9. JoJo, "Good Thing."

Atlantic Records

A standout from her recent album Mad Love., JoJo's house-influenced "Good Thing." is a flawless pop-dance fusion made even better by the singer's signature powerhouse vocals.

10. MUNA, "I Know a Place"

RCA Records

In "I Know a Place," pop trio MUNA has crafted a glittery, powerful anthem.

11. Ferras feat. Raja Kumari, "Medicine"

Erik Giusti / Capitol Records

"Medicine" is bright, fun, and transportive, evoking thrilling, sun-drenched summer escapades in just under four minutes.

12. Chairlift, "Moth to the Flame"

Columbia Records / Via

As ethereal as its titular subject might suggest, "Moth to the Flame" is a sweet, wispy, dance number disguised as an indie pop tune.

13. Shura, "What's It Gonna Be?"

Polydor Records

Sonically, Shura's "What's It Gonna Be?" sounds like a retro, sugary daydream; lyrically, it pinpoints the foibles of being young, in love, and entirely uncertain to a T.

14. Wrabel, "11 Blocks"

Island Records

Singer Wrabel brings not only solidly fantastic vocals to this mid-tempo pop ballad, but also a heavy dose of heart-wrenching lyrics you might commiserate with a little too much.

15. NEIKED feat. Dyo, "Sexual"

Casablanca Records

From its wonky synths to its I-dare-you-not-to-dance chorus, "Sexual" is sure to get you in the literally dance forever.

16. Icona Pop, "Brightside"

Atlantic Records

Icona Pop's "Brightside" finds the dynamic dance floor duo in an unexplored, slightly more reserved sonic space than their usual fare.

17. MishCatt, "Another Dimension"


MishCatt's aptly titled "Another Dimension" really does feel like a retreat to an alternate space. It pops, it bounces, and it sounds like a goddamn starburst.

18. Rationale, "Something For Nothing"

Best Laid Plans Records

With a voice this distinct, the British singer could belt out all 34,000 of Donald Trump's cacophonous tweets and it'd sound artistic. Fortunately for us, "Something For Nothing" is anything but — it's a gorgeous, bittersweet number that'll leave you Googling his entire discography.

19. Noonie Bao, "Reminds Me"

2many freckles / Universal Music AB

With its glimmery infusion of strings and celestial synths, something about "Reminds Me" feels slightly dark — and that's exactly the beauty in it.

20. The Veronicas, "On Your Side"

Sony Music

Sure, we'll always love The Veronicas for their early, angsty hits. But with "On Your Side," the sisters deliver an entirely grown-up, refined sound that's as authentic as it is a genuinely well-crafted pop song.

21. Dagny, "Too Young"

Republic Records

"Too Young" is an exciting, ebullient track from a Norwegian newcomer who's already proven quite talented at creating upbeat pop hits.

22. Mirror Talk, "Some Boys"

Mirror Talk

Mirror Talk's shadowy "Some Boys" is an enchanting number that'll chime and synthesize its way right to your soul.

23. Mura Masa, "What If I Go?"


With its woozy, oscillating beats, pulsating percussion, and gorgeous feature from singer Bonzai, "What If I Go?" is one of Mura Masa's best bops to date.

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