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24 Images To Help You Forget About This Garbage Election

2016: Really Fun Time.

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3. And this dream of a boy surprised Simone Biles with an adorable kiss.

proof : had to do a retake bc I thought we were taking a picture then he kissed me instead ❤️

5. Ranch Girl did her thang.


7. This girl was asked to homecoming, and literally no one and nothing will ever compare in the history of the world ever.

if anyones having a bad day, heres a video of jake asking emily to homecoming😍😭


10. This heartwarming cafeteria encounter occurred, and I'm still crying about it.

11. Leslie Jones tweeted so emphatically about the Rio Olympics that they literally invited her to be an Olympics correspondent, which was, ya know, boss as hell.

Coming up on #OlympicLateNight @Lesdoggg!!!!!! #YAAAAS #USA


16. This tiny kitten was served some proportional pancakes.

When your girlfriend goes out of town and tells you "don't forget to feed our cat."

17. Riley Curry danced to Drake better than you dance to Drake.

23. This obedient worker became the world's cutest employee of the month.

so my dad works from home, and my dog always "goes to work" with him, and this just happened

24. And if all that wasn't enough to melt your frozen-over ice pick of a heart, here's a video of Adele kissing a dog wearing a goddamn t-shirt with Adele ON IT !!

I present to you the LUCKIEST dog after Louie 😭💔😔 like I could cry #adele @STAPLESCenter VC: jesschanimal