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24 Images To Help You Forget About This Garbage Election

2016: Really Fun Time.

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So you're probs thinking that 2016 has been a decidedly garbage year, huh?


What with this flaming shitbag of an election...


...Brangelina becoming simply Bran and Gelina :-/...


...And Gaga deciding to go country.


And seeing as it's literally already October, you're probably all like "I'm done!!" and stuff.




Because some good shit did happen this year, and I'm about to tell you about it !!


1. Exhibit A: This cheetah cub and puppy are currently being RAISED AS BFFs.

Columbus Zoo

2. Exhibit B: This hero of a boy grew his hair out for two years to donate to cancer victims.

Twitter: @storkpatrol

3. And this dream of a boy surprised Simone Biles with an adorable kiss.

proof : had to do a retake bc I thought we were taking a picture then he kissed me instead ❤️

Twitter: @Simone_Biles

4. Drake professed his love for RiRi, proving that love is not dead but indeed very, very real.

MTV / Via Giphy

5. Ranch Girl did her thang.

Twitter: @CarsonHaase

6. This girl got excited as hell for school and made us ALL better humans for it.

Sharvonne Broussard

7. This girl was asked to homecoming, and literally no one and nothing will ever compare in the history of the world ever.

if anyones having a bad day, heres a video of jake asking emily to homecoming😍😭

Twitter: @StephanieZag

8. Beyoncé's back-up dancer became a not-so-single-lady in the middle of a concert.

9. And this gorgeously gay proposal blew our goddamn socks off.

10. This heartwarming cafeteria encounter occurred, and I'm still crying about it.

11. Leslie Jones tweeted so emphatically about the Rio Olympics that they literally invited her to be an Olympics correspondent, which was, ya know, boss as hell.

Coming up on #OlympicLateNight @Lesdoggg!!!!!! #YAAAAS #USA

Twitter: @NBCOlympics

12. The stunning Katie Meade became the first person with Down syndrome to be the face of a beauty brand.

Beauty & Pin-Ups

13. And this dance apparel company designed gorgeous nude leotards for dancers of color.

14. This young woman and her support dog mastered the art of prom coordination, as well as the art of just being the cutest goddamn pairing in the history of forever.

Erin Condrin / Via

15. This girl and her grandfather became classmates and presumably garnered a shit ton of hot goss for every family party to come.

Twitter: @melaniesalazara

16. This tiny kitten was served some proportional pancakes.

When your girlfriend goes out of town and tells you "don't forget to feed our cat."

Twitter: @ChaserStout

17. Riley Curry danced to Drake better than you dance to Drake.

18. This teen Made Senior Portraits Glam Again.

Twitter: @jcharlesbeauty

19. This boy found a way to take his BFF to college, putting your laminated poster of One Direction to shame.

Jake Ostrowski

20. This couple celebrated their 63rd (!!) wedding anniversary with a breathtaking photo shoot.

Shalyn Nelson of Love, The Nelsons

21. And a couple of 10-year-olds gave us relationship goals for life.

Brandi Lanclos

22. This boy held a joyous Target-themed birthday party that really hit the mark.

George J. Patterson and Jordan Himes

23. This obedient worker became the world's cutest employee of the month.

so my dad works from home, and my dog always "goes to work" with him, and this just happened

Twitter: @MadisonReeg

24. And if all that wasn't enough to melt your frozen-over ice pick of a heart, here's a video of Adele kissing a dog wearing a goddamn t-shirt with Adele ON IT !!

I present to you the LUCKIEST dog after Louie 😭💔😔 like I could cry #adele @STAPLESCenter VC: jesschanimal

Twitter: @inlovew_adele

You've seen the light, you've heard the word, you know that dogs are THRIVING. So what are you waiting for?? Get out there and start spreading the Good News of 2016™!