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Should We Be Worried About Ariana Grande's Popcorn Consumption?

A case study.

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On Wednesday afternoon, pop superstar/doughnut stan Ariana Grande uploaded the following photo to Twitter and Instagram:

to do today: rid this cold, watch Rent 6 times, eat twice my weight in popcorn. ☁️

While at first glance it may seem like a classic Grande selfie, upon re-inspection you'll notice Ariana's caption raises some very real* concerns.

to do today: rid this cold, watch Rent 6 times, eat twice my weight in popcorn. ☁️

*This is a subjective term

Let's take a closer look at that caption. Can you spot the potentially worrisome errand on her "to do" list ?

Is it her plan to get over a pesky cold?

No, that's not important.
Twitter: @arianagrande

No, that's not important.

How about the fact that she intends on watching Rent a whopping 6 times?

Slightly concerning, but still no.
Twitter: @arianagrande

Slightly concerning, but still no.

Or could it be her plan to eat TWICE her weight in popcorn in ONE day???

Twitter: @arianagrande


Do you know how light and airy popcorn is ??? Do you know how little it weighs ??? / Via NBC

Let me tell you.


According to this vaguely legitimate website, one unpopped popcorn kernel weighs approximately 1.23 grams -- which is equivalent to 0.002711686 lbs.


According to science, as well as that calculator that shows up on Google when you ask it math questions, there are about 454 grams in ONE pound.

Invoking the theory of math, this means that Ariana would have to eat nearly 22,700 grams (about 18,000 kernels) of popcorn just to reach fifty pounds.

Assuming that many adults in their early twenties weigh upwards of 100 pounds, and that Ms. Grande has clearly detailed her intention to eat TWICE her body weight in popcorn, Ariana has planned to eat -- at base minimum -- 36,910 pieces of popcorn.

Fox / Via

Considering that unpopped kernels weigh more than popped kernels, Grande's got a lot of popcorn on her hands. And butter, assumedly.

That's roughly 3 billion tubs of movie theater popcorn.


LOL JK but you get the idea.

Here's hoping all that popcorn doesn't cause any medical "problems."

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