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We Need To Talk About The Magical Fierceness Of Fleur East

Move over, everyone else.

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This is Fleur East. She's a London-born artist who competed on the second series of "The X Factor" in 2005.

Fleur performed as a member of the girl group Addictiv Ladies, and formed a solo career in 2012.

She returned to "The X Factor" as a solo artist in 2014 as well.

This is her slaying Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" back in 2014.

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Funkin' amazing.

Now, Fleur's returned to the spotlight and is serving up more fierceness than ever before.

And her latest single, "Sax," is literal, actual fire. 🔥

Seriously. Check out the mind-blowing video for "Sax" below.

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Her video for the song, released this past Thursday, is the actual epitome of the word "fierce."

*Looks up "fierce" in the dictionary*

*Finds only pictures of Fleur East*

She's also released a snippet of her song "Breakfast," which will leave you dancing on your kitchen table with a bowl of Froot Loops at 6:00 AM.

*Passes out from overexposure to unadulterated fierceness*


Be on the lookout for Fleur's debut album, dropping December 4th.

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