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It's Time To Love Your Stomach

Whether you've got abs or flab, your tummy's still fab.

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This is a stomach.

Here are a few more examples of some normal human stomachs:

Stewart Williams/H&M / Via

Whether they're ripped, pudgy, lean, jiggly, toned, soft, hard, squishy, or anything else -- a stomach is a stomach, and they're pretty damn important.

Instagram: @nikiface

We've reached a point in time that's incredibly conducive to pinpointing and highlighting flaws in every and any parts of our bodies.

Instagram: @nakedwithanxiety

It's our stomachs, though, that often tend to garner the harshest criticism and complaints.

In fact, studies have shown that approximately 91% of American women are dissatisfied with the way their bodies look.

Instagram: @nourishandeat

And only 5% of women share the same natural body type commonly portrayed in American media.

And a 2009 body image study from Glamour Magazine revealed that 75% of women surveyed felt they were "too fat," while more than 60% said they were unhappy with the appearance of their stomach.

Instagram: @healthyisthenewskinny

A 2013 review, published in the Journal of Women and Aging, found that a mere 12% of women surveyed were satisfied with their bodies. More than half were specifically unsatisfied with their stomachs.

Another study found that, over the past decade, young men have reported increased levels of body dissatisfaction and experienced greater pressure to achieve a toned, muscular physique.

Instagram: @theselfloveproject

But here's the thing: stomachs, like every other part of our bodies, are unique to each and everyone of us.

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And like other parts of our bodies, our stomachs serve important purposes beyond aesthetics.

CTV / Via

Here are a few cool things our stomachs are capable of:

2. They kill off harmful microbes in certain foods.

3. Stomachs work to break down food and aid in your digestion process.

Instagram: @veggiemagnifique

6. Stomachs produce substances necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12.

Instagram: @madelinenutrition

7. They regenerate their lining every few days to keep from internal injury.

8. They help induce burps and remove excess air after the ingestion of food or drink.

Universal Studios / Via

And lots, lots more.


So next time you decide to get critical of your tummy (which, you know, happens), be sure to keep in mind all that it's capable of, regardless of appearance.

Instagram: @joannathangiah

Because like your eyebrows, your toes, your freckles, and your hair, your stomach is unique to only you.

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