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16 Times Selena Gomez & Her Food Gave You Relationship Goals

?I love you like an In-N-Out burger, baby?

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1. The time she blessed us commoners with the most sophisticated Flaming Hot Cheetos selfie the world's ever seen.

2. When she snapped this flaw-free pic with America's favorite form of dairy (oh and Cody Simpson).

3. When she took what was potentially the cutest birthday cake selfie ever.

4. That time she totally slayed the brunch game.

5. When she made afternoon tea look equal parts chic AND adorable.

6. The time she took a Starbucks selfie and it was glam AF.

7. When she celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some homemade rice and you WISHED you could join that fiesta.

8. And the time she gave you INTENSE #SquadGoals while also making you crave In-N-Out like it was nobody's business.

9. The time she went to Soul Cycle but really just wanted some tacos.


10. And when she basically reminded us that the best part of seeing family is eating their food.

11. When she lived out all of our middle school fantasies by getting into a literal, real-life food fight.

12. Oh and that time she casually learned how to make pizza in Atlanta.

13. When she made clear the ~real~ reason for her visits to the Ellen Show.

14. And then followed up her Ellen Show snacks with this culinary masterpiece.

15. The time she went abroad and made sure to emphasize the most important part of travel (the food).

16. Oh and also that time her birthday cake was made entirely of JACK-IN-THE-BOX TACOS.


Keep slaying Selena, goddess of #FoodGoals

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