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15 Fab Exercise Hacks To Try If You Can't Afford The Gym

You know what they say: "The best things in life don't require Venmo!"

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1. Walk literally everywhere.


2. Vigorously refresh your bank account statement with the employment of dextrous index fingers.


3. Run home from the subway at 2 a.m. instead of taking an Uber.


4. Stay active by using all of your free one-day passes at local gyms in a single day.

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5. Shimmy your way out of friends' plans when they start to look hella expensive.


6. Improve flexibility by fully extending your arm when pointing to items on McDonald's Dollar Menu.


7. Avoid paying for costly Soulcycle classes by hopping on a nearby Citi Bike and just peddling in place for an hour.


8. Lunge under your friends' routers in order to snag their wi-fi password.

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9. Squat in shrubbery-laden areas when you have to go in public instead of buying a $6 latte from Starbucks just to use their restroom.


10. Flex your fingers in a quick, circular motion by deleting any email in reference to your outstanding credit card payments.


11. Save money on an apartment and a gym membership by investing in a 7th floor walk-up.

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12. Too hot to work out outside? Get some cardio done at your nearest air-conditioned Sports Authority.

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13. Get the full sauna experience (and save cash!) by simply refusing to buy an air conditioner.


14. Speed walk through your local mall food court in order to snag as many free samples as possible.


15. Or just don't!


Not doing things is also a great way to save.

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