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    • kyled21

      Vegan hatred fallows the bill o’reilly parable. The loudest person in the room is always the one that is heard, illregardless of being right or wrong. Sadly for nice Vegans the Vegans with the loudest voice are those movement hurting, self rightous extremist types withoutaunderstanding of personal boundries and equal rights to all.  I’m no Vegan, butIunderstand both sides… don’t like them, but understand them. WhileIdon’t agree with the Vegan wayIrespectapersons right to live their life how they see fit. The room mate if she has those views sadly should have chosenadifferent room mate. Both room mates views should be respected not just one over the other. If they continue to remain room mates, the letter writter needs to air her beliefs in person not on paper and work out something with her room mate, perhaps seperate sections of the fridge, or if it can be affordeda2nd fridge andaschedule set for both of them to cook their meals so neither one is subjected to the others food.  “personal beliefs are likeapenis…. it’s great to have them, and it’s fine to be proud of it… just don’t whip it out and shove it down peoples throats”

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