Kyle Studstill
Strategic planning talent: a healthy blend of SLC counterculture, military intelligence analysis, insightful thinking and expert-level schmoozing. The hair helps.
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    Test your bailout skills to with LAYOFF. Like a match-3 game, but instead of winning or losing you pretty much just learn about the real lives of the people you’re kicking out as you select them “for efficiency’s sake.” BONUS: watch them line up at the unemployment office, scold them for being lazy bums as they mill around! I guess that’s kind of like winning.

  • Loading Haiku

    At some point during a session of Ian Tait’s presumably favorite/most frequent pastime “waiting on huge microsites to load,” he started thinking up relevant haiku’s to brighten the long haul. This lead him to thinking that hey maybe more sites should use Loading Haikus, on the assumption that they might be a little more poetic than LOADING PLEASE WAIT.

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