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14 Amazing Costumes Only True Disney Fans Will Understand

While most Millennials have some level of Disney knowledge, these clever cosplays make references only elite geeks will truly appreciate.

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With 11 (soon to be 12) theme parks worldwide, 54 animated classics and dozens of other live-action hits to their name, the Disney brand has always been a go-to for Halloween costumes and other cosplay needs. While many stick to the classic Disney costumes, a few fans — like those at the recent D23 Expo — look to the more obscure characters in the Disney world for inspiration.

14. Dreamfinder / Via

If you want to depress a Disney geek, just mention the original Journey into Imagination in EPCOT Center. Though the purple dragon, Figment, still remains in the ride’s new incarnation, his friend Dreamfinder is sadly nowhere to be found.

13. Jungle Cruise Skipper + Vehicle

#D23Expo Jungle Cruise boat cosplay video #disneyland60 #adventureland @DisneylandToday #moveitupskip

Average Disney park-goers may have gone on the world famous Jungle Cruise and found the jokes to be corny and the animatronics lacking... but that's exactly the point. Likewise, this makeshift "boat" piloted by a presumably witty Skipper keeps the spirit of the tongue-in-cheek attraction alive.

12. Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah / Via

The Country Bear Jamboree is a beloved animatronic show that still lives on in Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland after leaving Anaheim years ago. In the show triplets Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah sing about their lacking love lives in the song, “All the Guys Who Turn Me On Turn Me Down” — a personal favorite.

11. Mary Poppins & Bert / Via

OK, so Mary Poppins is clearly a classic and very well known the world over. However, it's rare to see a soot-covered version of this (purely platonic) couple — usually Mary is practically perfect in every way.

10. The Volcanoes in Love from Lava

I'm pretty sure I like these cute cosplays better than the short itself. Maybe not the most detailed costumes I've ever seen but huge points for originality.

8. Bernard and Bianca

Flickr: beckylh / Via Flickr: beckylh

While The Rescuers might seem like an obscure Disney film now, it’s one of few to have a sequel released in theaters. Bernard voiced by Bob Newhart and Bianca voiced by Eva Gabor can be seen in both the 1977 original as well as 1990’s The Rescuers Down Under.

7. Belle/Leia & Beast/Chewbacca

Favorite @DisneyD23 cosplay mashup: Princess Leia and Chewbacca as Beauty and the Beast. #D23Expo #StarWars

Beauty and the Beast, indeed.

6. Harrison Hightower / Via

While domestic Disney Parks fans know The Tower of Terror and its Twilight Zone theme, few realize that the Tokyo DisneySea version tells an entirely different story. In the Japanese version, mogul and world traveler Harrison Hightower meets his demise at the hands of a evil tiki god.

5. Hipster Ariel / Via

Yes you know Ariel, but this costume is an allusion to the “Hipster Ariel” meme that swept the internet a couple of years back with taglines like, “I left the sea because it was too currant.” We’ll assume that this cosplayer was rocking this outfit before it was cool.

4. The Red Head / Via

On to a different red head, this costume is inspired by the classic Disney attraction Pirates of the Caribbean. In the ride, you’ll find drunken sailors chanting, “we wants the red head” as you pass.

3. Princess Kida / Via

Not all Disney films can be Frozen-sized hits. When Atlantis: The Lost Empire flopped, characters like Princess Kida faded away from the public consciousness. Personally, I'd still prefer an Atlantis attraction to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in Disneyland.

2. Condorman / Via

Perhaps the most obscure costume on this list, Condorman was a live-action Disney film in 1981 starring Michael Crawford. Ever since Tron got a reboot/sequel in 2010, Condor fans have held out hope that this 80's "classic" would find his way back onto the big screen. Maybe even in the Marvel Universe?

1. Captain EO and The Supreme Leader / Via

In 1986, a ragtag group lead by the infamous Captain EO sought to change to world. The 3D film starring Michael Jackson, Anjelica Huston and directed by The Godfather’s Francis Ford Coppola (no, seriously) has the distinction of both preceding and succeeding Honey, I Shrunk the Audience making it the Jay Leno of Disney attractions.

So, be honest: How many did you know? I hope these somewhat-obscure Disney costume selections inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to future conventions or Halloweens. After all, how many Annas and Elsas do we really need in the world, right?

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