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Let's Talk About The Brooch Maria Bartiromo Wore At The GOP Debate

Brooch game was strong.

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For starters, it looks like the Mockingjay pin from the Hunger Games...

... or a horcrux.

Why is Maria Bartiromo wearing a horcrux? #GOPDebate


Some joked the brooch was the bright object spotted in the California night sky (it was actually a trident missile).

NASA: Glowing 'object' in sky off California identified as Maria Bartiromo's brooch: #GOPDebate

Others compared the look to Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.

This is what @MariaBartiromo is going to wear for the next debate. A Fox Business anchor always pays her debts.

A defense mechanism...

Maria Bartiromo's brooch is so big she could survive getting stabbed by Dr. Ben Carson. #RepublicanDebate

A stealth tool...

Does anyone else think @MariaBartiromo's brooch looks like an old-school Russian spy camera pin? #GOPDebate


A sign...

The jewel in Maria Martiromo's brooch just lit up. Frodo and Sam have entered Mordor! #GOPDebate

One person asked if anyone was talking about the brooch.

Has anyone talked about Maria Bartiromo's brooch on her blazer? Strong brooch. #GOPDebate

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