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5 Reasons To Get Excited About Season 3 Of NBC's Hannibal

There's a lot to devour!

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5. A new location

This new season of Hannibal sees the cast showing up in a new location... namely, Florence, Italy. Hannibal's production team has been hard at work capturing Italy's fine architecture and Mad Mikkelsen's even finer facial features.

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4. "I forgive you."

Expect things to grow even more complicated for Will's relationship with Hannibal. Will has set out on a quest for revenge, or at least, it seemed that way. A recent trailer for the upcoming season hints at forgiveness with Will's dramatic proclamation: "I forgive you."

3. 'Mizumono's cliffhanger will finally be resolved

Who lived? Who died? Bryan Fuller, Hannibal's show runner, insists all will be revealed, ensuring the fans that there are real consequences to the events of that fateful night. "We are staying very true to in the incident in the novel with Will and Hannibal and it's very basic outcome… There's going to be an impact from what's happened here. It's safe to say that not everybody survives. Everyone that's laying there breathing could be breathing their last breaths. It doesn't go well for all of them."


2. The Tooth Fairy Cometh

Richard Armitage is playing the Francis Dolarhyde, commonly known as "The Tooth Fairy". He is a serial killer with a penchant for kimonos and replacing eyeballs with shards of glass.

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