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    How Discomfited Does This Kinda Hunky Kangaroo Make You Feel?

    More like kanga-oOoOoh.

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    Meet Roger: a handsome Australian native who we kiiiind of have a crush on?

    Like, let's just say that if the big, buff protector-type was your thing...

    And your 2018 goals include looking for a guy with great posture, an Australian accent, and absolutely zero allegations of misconduct to his name...

    Look at these eyes! They're so big and sad and can truthfully say to you, "I'm not like other men."

    And those arms! They're strong and ready to help you carry the heavy burden of living in a patriarchal society.

    And when it comes to toxic masculinity and the way it prevents us all from living in a more egalitarian society, you can bet Roger won't be sitting on the sidelines of this fight.

    But at the same time, he's always ready to talk things out.

    So, in summary, here's to you, Roger: for being the kind of stand up 'roo we deserve in 2018.

    This post was adapted from Japanese.

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