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    20 Things That Blow People's Minds When They Visit Japan

    It's more than just anime and ninjas.

    1. They still use fax machines like it's no big deal.

    2. Stamps are the mainstream, not signatures.

    3. You have to shout "excuse me!" in restaurants or else nobody will come.

    Japan seems to be the polar opposite of the US when it comes to servers. Instead of asking how the meal is every five minutes, Japanese waiters will not come until they are called, and raising your hand is not a thing here — you need to shout.

    4. Corn is a "normal" pizza topping.

    5. They have a mild obsession with "mayo-corn."

    6. Businessmen are passed out drunk on the street everywhere.

    7. Everything is individually wrapped.


    Almost anything you buy will be put inside a plastic bag, unless you say otherwise. Building entrances even have little plastic bags to put your umbrella in.

    9. There are no public trash cans, but the streets stay clean.

    10. ATMs have closing times.

    11. EVERYBODY parks in reverse.

    12. The AC is kept at high temperatures.

    13. There is a once-an-hour mandatory "break time" at public pools.

    14. People wear masks when they're sick.

    15. Taking naps in the office is fine.

    16. People peel the skin off each grape before eating it.

    "You can eat the skin!?" is something you will be asked if you decide not to peel.

    17. Cars with megaphones attached will wake you up early and it's totally fine.

    18. There are snacks for "men."

    19. Fruit is crazy expensive.

    20. People wear ninja-style sun protection wear.