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This Big Dog Snuggling With His Two Lil Dog Pals Is Absurdly Precious

It doesn't get snugglier than this.

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This is Harlow, a large dog who lives with two smol dogs.

Instagram: @harlowandsage

Specifically, he is a Weimaraner, and his two buddies are dachshunds.

Apparently (and adorably), Harlow doesn't like going to sleep without his snuggle buddies.

I mean, same.

So it's a good thing this bed is big enough to fit all three of them.

Instagram: @harlowandsage

Ya need room for all those cuddles, you know?

Sure, sometimes his friends wake him up a little too early...

Instagram: @harlowandsage

But there's honestly nothing better than a triple puppy cuddle before bed, ya know?

Instagram: @harlowandsage

Everyone knows that snuggling is the best form of bonding...

Instagram: @harlowandsage

Which means these guys are definitely pup pals for life.

Instagram: @harlowandsage

And honestly? We're pretty goshdarn jealous.

Instagram: @harlowandsage

In love? You can follow Harlow and co. here💓

This post was translated from Japanese.