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    46 Things Only Student Affairs Professionals Understand

    Kyla Krueger, SDAD 5300 - Foundations of the Student Affairs Profession, Dr. Jeremy Stringer, Fall 2014, Seattle University, Student Development Administration Program

    1. You LOVE working nights and weekends

    2. The sheer joy of running into a previous colleague at NASPA

    3. "The Process"

    4. You question how many actual words you've said in a day

    5. Or annoy yourself with how many times a day you say the word discern...

    6. Or intentional

    7. Or cultivate

    8. You can justify a hot chocolate program with theory

    9. And you can break any ice

    10. You dread the "so what do you do?" conversation

    11. Being "charged with something" no longer makes you think of shopping or prison

    12. Reflection is your middle name

    13. And much feeling

    14. Your schedule causes you to move through the day like this...

    15. But of course, you always have time to squeeze in another meeting

    16. Change is your only constant

    17. Everything is always tabled

    18. And catering costs an arm and a leg

    19. You are on a committee about committees

    20. You add completed tasks to your to do list just to feel accomplished

    21. And this is your reaction when your supervisor asks how you're doing in your 1:1

    22. You LOVE retreats...nothing like being stuck in the woods for two days with your colleagues

    23. Email.

    24. What it's like to finally find a faculty member on campus that understands and appreciates what you do

    25. That feeling you get the moment you realize you are considered a role model and mentor

    26. And then must master challenge and support

    27. Some days you may hate your life

    28. And then a great meeting with a student makes it all better

    29. Because at the end of the day, you really do love what you do

    30. You engage minds

    31. Encourage risk

    32. Support struggle

    33. And yes, you "cultivate" dreams

    34. You get to read books like Pedagogy of the Oppressed

    35. And Teaching to Transgress

    36. And Sentipensante

    37. Your transferable skills are off the charts

    38. You may even take over the world

    39. You've almost got that "work life rhythm thing" mastered

    40. And sometimes, you actually start missing your students when they leave for break

    41. Because students are at the heart of everything you do

    42. You may never know the impact you've had on a student's life

    43. Or how truly meaningful the work you do is

    44. But remember, that at the end of the day (even if that's at 11pm), you're changing lives

    45. Always be a "student of students" (Jeremy Stringer)

    46. And never stop learning