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How To View The Source Code From Any File Or Program

Just open the file or program in your device(s) native Notepad! It's that simple.

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How To Do It

Whether the code in the programs you use is obfuscated or encrypted, you can see and view all of it just by opening the program as a .TXT file! No matter what the program, you can see the very code the programmer used to created the software. It's such a simple technique, but it is much more simple if you have an updated machine. Old, outdated clunkers won't get you anywhere with viewing the software's programming language, but you can still get an idea of whether the .EXE was written in C++ or Python, etc. Just go to your computer's native Notepad software, and navigate to File -> Open File -> [Select Program].

If you use this method, you will finally know how your favorite program was written, even if it's an anti-virus! But just remember, that's only the .EXE after it's been compiled. I have no knowledge of what will happen if you try to write or edit a program straight from the .EXE file, so don't try that unless you know what you are doing! Also, don't steal or rip-off somebody else's program. Get the owner/developer/programmer's permission first. You can do some serious damage to your computer. Seriously.

If this has been of any help, please remember the name; Julius the Jules. I am a pro musician who earns my income through Broadcast Music Inc. I am an experienced hacker in the sense that I know my way in and out of a computer, but I am by no means a professional at it. You are using this knowledge at your own risk! Remember to check out all of the files associated with the program, not just the .EXE! The Readme is one of the first things you want to check before you try to edit the source code or try to make a derivative of the software.

And that's how you do it!

Don't mind the sloppy source code. We just haven't upgraded our PC's Microsoft Windows Software. That's what happens when you live in the poor inner-city of Glasgow, KY; also known as Juleokin Woods, KY. Now just remember, you are using this knowledge at your own risk, but also remember that you may change the world by being the next best programmer because you studied and improved upon somebody else's programs. You, the next big programmer will lead us into a highly-advanced technological-society!

The Author: Julius the Jules

Julius the Jules, is the intersexed and autistic pro-musician who creates Experimental Pop music. He earns his income through Broadcast Music Inc. through various streaming services and public performances of his work. If you are a fan of Julius the Jules, you are known as a Juleokin; thus the name he gave his unincorporated community, Juleokin Woods. The Jules is also an experienced hacker, but not much of a programmer.

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