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    The 5 Gym Sets I've Fallen In Love With

    If you are someone who likes to look great when going to the gym then that makes two of us. Gymwear is my OBSESSION.

    After all, anything that gives us a confidence boost is good, right? Right now, the ‘athleisure’ trend is at the height of fashion - who knew we could get away with wearing a gym set outside of the gym! There are so many gorgeous sets out there right now, from the rise of seamless leggings to patterned leggings and scrunch leggings. So, with that in mind, read on to discover more about the five gym sets that I have fallen in love with...

    The House of Peach Vibrant Pink set

    I’ve definitely added some fun and boldness to my gym wardrobe with this vibrant pink set from House of Peach. I love the scrunch bottom design of the leggings. Not only do these leggings look great, especially around the booty area, but they are nice and comfortable, with the waistband tucking you in. They are great for working out in as well as lounging and the matching top provides the perfect finishing touch.

    Gymshark ombre set

    If you would rather something that is soft and functional instead of bold and vibrant, this ombre set is ideal for you. It features a beautiful, second-skin feel, designed to support, enhance and flatter. It is perfect for those seeking a gym set with long sleeves and the colourful ombre effect is simply amazing.


    NVGTN have a great range of mix and match gym sts, so you can easily build your own perfect set. All the leggings feature the same design and then you have a few matching tops to choose from. But, what I really love is the leggings. The contour effect under the bum really highlights my hard earned curves.

    House of Peach: Seamless contour set

    A second entry for the up and coming House of Peach. If you are looking for a gym set that ticks all of the boxes, a contour gym set is ideal. Contour leggings feature a two-tone effect which highlights your curves in all the right places. I found this particular set quite tight fitting (which I actually prefer), which really smoothes the curves while also being fully flexible and durable, so you can work out with ease. The House of Peach range comes in a wide range of colours, from ocean blue and mauve to pink and grey, so you are bound to find the perfect shade for you (or have a different colour of every day of the week).

    Fitness Charm: Printed leggings

    Finally, we have printed leggings from fitness charm (the only place I've really found funky patterned leggings. These leggings are designed to make a real statement with something different from the norm. If you’re a fan of leopard or floral print then this is for you (i’m not sure i’m brave enough for this!).

    So there you have it: five gym sets that I have fallen in love with lately. Which set is your favourite?

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