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9 Steps To Have The Most Cinemagical Date Night Ever

Don't become another mundane couple. Add some entertainment to your routine and make it a night to remember with K-Y Date Night.

1. First go on an insane shopping spree to prep for the evening out.

2. When you arrive home, have one of those trying-on-a-bunch-of-clothes montages.

3. Check the weather to make sure there's at LEAST a 65% chance of rain.

4. As you cruise to the restaurant, sing obnoxiously loud while getting all the lyrics wrong.

5. At dinner, order a heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

6. If you really want to draw attention, practice your bedroom moaning sounds at the table.

7. Not feeling an evening out? Stay inside and cook together.

8. Right before bedtime, practice your "romance lifts."

9. Pour yourselves a nightcap (or four) and get ready to rumble.