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    10 Best Movies With Translators & Interpreters

    Did you see the fake sign language interpreter at the Mandela memorial? He nearly fooled the world; which got me thinking - how much do people actually know about the job of translators and interpreters? As with many things in life, we are often educated by the movies. So I thought I would do some digging into the portrayal of linguists in Hollywood to try and find the best 10 movies with a translator or interpreter. And here we go! My choices are based on a mix of factors including box office takings, relevance and the type of translation carried out.

    10. Charade

    9. Desert Flower

    8. Amistad

    7. Zero Dark Thirty

    6. Lost in Translation

    5. The Interpreter

    4. Spanglish

    3. Blood Diamond

    2. The Mummy

    1. Dances with Wolves