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16 Truths Only Doctor's Office Receptionists Will Understand

We don't need to know every detail of your health history.

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1. People feel the need to tell you exactly what's wrong with them.


Just make an appointment. We don't need Every. Single. Detail.

2. But some people think you asked them what's wrong because you're nosy.

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3. There are few moments less irritating than when someone comes in asking for "just five minutes with the doctor."

Sure, buddy! Waltz right on in!

4. Even if someone calls with a totally irrational story, you have to smile and pretend like you believe them.


Quite often it's a headache they've had for 20 minutes, and they don’t want wait like everyone else.

5. It's super embarrassing when you scold a patient for being late, but then the doctor swoops in, assuring it's no big deal.


6. When a patient accuses you of messing up their meds, and then realize there's nothing wrong at all.


7. Elderly people think you're the most helpful being on Earth.

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OK, some hate you, but we can't all win.

8. When people show up early and sit silently, you always have to make sure your conversations are extra appropriate.


Just back pocket that crazy story about last weekend's party.

9. When you ask to put someone on hold, they get SO mad.

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10. People think all you do is answer the phone and book appointments.


When you're ACTUALLY sorting out prescriptions, dressing orders, and going to training centers for hours to learn CPR. Just to name a few things on your list.

11. The best feeling in the world is when you're right and the doctor is wrong.


Did you mean to prescribe two lots of morphine, Doc? You didn't? Hell yeah, I NOTICED. WOO!

12. When your colleague leaves just as a difficult patient arrives, this is you:


13. Managers blame everything on you.

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A patient is mad about something? No, BY ALL MEANS, BLAME IT ON THE RECEPTIONIST!

14. When someone comes in just before closing looking for an appointment, they're automatically your least favorite person.

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I'm outta here, honey.

15. You feel stressed out 90% of the time...


The phone hasn't stopped ringing, a family of 12 came in to register, every printer in this place is broken...

16. But it's all worth it, because you love your job, and you're damn good at it.

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