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    Two People Wore Only Suits For A Week And Felt Like Total Bosses

    Warning: This post contains very fresh outfits.

    Wearing suits on the reg is only for finance bros and CEOs, right? WRONG. We took two normal plebeians and had them dress to impress for a week to see if it upped their confidence in not only in the workplace, but also in life.

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    Our first volunteer was Alaska, a self-proclaimed casual dude.

    Next up we had Sara, who described her style as "'90s cartoon character."

    Let suit week begin!

    We gave the two participants a budget of $225 to up their suit game, and they both made out pretty well!

    It was time for the reveal. Sara and Alaska walked into the office feeling boss AF.

    And Alaska even noticed how well received his look was with his boss and coworkers.

    Turns out, dressing up gets you some serious respect.

    However, the suit did have its downside... like trying to eat.

    But overall, the experience was a positive one.

    But moral of the story? Wear whatever you feel good and confident in. Because if you feel good, that's all that really matters.