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What It's Like To Be Judged Based On Your Appearance

"It's easier to say it's the jacket you're wearing than the skin color of the person."

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Way too often we hear stories about people being mis-identified as criminals, and losing their lives because of it. Many black men constantly fear coming across as "threatening"... even if it's just during a walk down the street.

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And with commentary like this in the media, their anxiety is warranted.

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For black men, even a staple article of clothing can carry a loaded meaning.

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And it's not just hoodies, either.

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Some men feel they can't wear certain colors because they must avoid being associated with a certain gang.

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What to wear is a constant internal debate.

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And it can seem like a lost cause when even dressing up can't guarantee they won't be read as a threat.

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While the media likes to blame the way people dress for why they're profiled as dangerous... there's a lot more to it than just that.

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And although these perceptions exist, the way someone dresses, or the color of their skin, doesn't define the character of that person.

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