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    Brandvertisor Utopia: Decentralized Shared Economy Advertising Ecosystem - Decentralized Advertising Marketplace matching Advertisers to specific Publishers through detailed & complete profiles.

    The Brandvertisor utopia vision about the advertising industry is a decentralized shared economy advertising ecosystem, where all participants are granted an equal start without entry barriers, equal access to the same inventory, tools, know how, data and performance based results by the community crowdsourcing in a consolidated advertising market.

    Every advertiser, publisher, solution provider, inventory provider or expert should have the possibility make transparent earnings based on actual performance.

    Global standards of decentralization, coupled with modern adtech infrastructures would let cross-community contribution and transfer of technology among multiple shared economy frameworks:

    The Brandvertisor team believe Decentralized Shared Economy Advertising Ecosystem can be achieved through eight infrastructure development steps for the ad industry to consolidate in order to remain sustainable and competitive in the 21st century:

    Decentralized Advertising Marketplace (“Trivago for Ad Industry”) - connect, organize and consolidate all market players in one marketplace by removing middlemen and fragmented market practices;

    EaaS - Enterprise as a Service hosted on the Ethereum Smart Contract: Ad Industry cloud business management incorporating innovative infrastructures and provider solutions for advertisers, publishers, agencies;

    Pledging hosted on Smart Contract: transparent communication and cooperation between community participants and solution providers for long-term partnerships;

    Open Source & Blockchain Consolidation: implement the global AdTech standards and high frequency ad delivery infrastructures and integrate them within the Marketplace and EaaS;

    Cloud AdTech Framework: (AWS for AdTech) Cloud DSP, SSP, DMP, Header Bidding, etc, built on the Open Source & decentralized AdTech frameworks.

    Freelancing & Hiring Portal for MAD Industry, connected to the marketplace, bringing ROI transparency and performance comparison for the Ad industry on next level;

    Decentralized AdTech Standards: Open Source & Blockchain based infrastructures should consolidate and build next level of Decentralized Standards for the Ad Industry;

    Cross-Community Implementation: the hardest but most valuable step is to build an ecosystem of frameworks supporting the globalization and cross-communities adoption. We need to deploy infrastructures for transparency to enable instant access to knowledge, data and tools, so that every participant on the market would have equal start and subsequent revenue would be based on the value of market contribution.

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